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Menopausal Mood Swings and Irritability

Women that suffer from headaches, menopausal mood swings and irritability as menopause approaches will probably see the issues and symptoms decrease as it progresses according to a new study. Dr Ellen Freeman from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia suggests that many symptoms are attributed to menopause and the belief that they get worse as menopause progresses. The truth is as it starts the symptoms of the stage of menopause actually decrease. Freeman and some of her colleagues studied over 400 35 - 47 year women for a period of 9 years to examine how the symptoms of menopause change and develop in the course of the menopausal periods.

The research indicated that women who experienced headache type symptoms or menopausal mood swings and irritability saw them reduce in number as the menopausal period progressed. Other symptoms such as mood swings and irritability also decreased in frequency and in number. The research seems to indicate that menopausal mood swings and irritability are caused by hormone levels which change as menopause nears. It indicates that once the physiological changes have occurred during or after the period of menopause the bothersome symptoms linked to menopause reduce or disappear. Further to that the research also found that women who suffered from premenstrual syndrome had higher degrees of mood swings and irritability and that this in turn caused further stress.

The research further indicates the need to study further the effects of menopause and that various possible methods in which menopausal symptoms such as mood swings and irritability can be treated. Some treatment methods that some doctors prescribe include certain antidepressant medications and or estrogen patches. There seems to be no one size fits all solution. There are many that advocate natural type therapies in order to cure the symptoms of menopause and these can include some of the following:

Vitamins and Minerals:

Some have suggested to consume vitamin and mineral supplements and this supposedly helps the body make the required changes. Some advocate this method more so than others because they are natural ingredients. Similar type suggestions also include the consumption of organic food. Organic food is seen to have more nutrients, vitamins and minerals and no preservatives or chemicals. Some argue that the chemicals found in normal fruit and vegetables are the cause for much of the issues surrounding menopause. They typically go further and say that the chemicals in food cause much of the modern day problems that didn't exist years ago. There are some great supplements on the market currently that have been getting rave reviews for helping rid menopausal mood swings and irritability.


Some suggest heightened physical activity helps to deal with the symptoms of menopause. One hour of physical activity, be it running, walking, swimming or going to the gym helps to lower the effects of the symptoms as studies have shown.

The reactions to menopause differ from female to female. Some may find heavy menopausal mood swings and irritability whilst some other women have no symptoms at all during the menopausal stage. It differs for every woman which is one of the reasons why there is no one size fits all solution. If the symptoms you suffer are severe, head to your doctor who may be able to suggest a solution for you.

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