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Natural Menapause Remedies and Treatment

The menapause period in female lives is a natural and normal process for every woman. The average age for women to see the onset of menopause occurs around 52 years of age. It should be noted that it can occur between the ages of 30 and 60. It can really affect women at any age of their lives but it typically occurs later. The changes that occur during the period can cause little to no side affects or on the other hand, can cause dramatic and severe repercussions that run throughout the body for an extended period of time. Menapause is the period in which women lose their ability to reproduce and the process is different for each and every woman.

Most women who go through the process need to find some relief as the process can cause some severe symptoms which can restrict or inhibit the quality of the life of the sufferer. Below are just some of the symptoms that some women suffer in the menopausal period.


PMS can cause a variety of issues from mood swings, to weight swings. Most people that go through the menopausal period suffer from PMS related issues.


Some menopausal sufferers will wake in the night with severe sweating and related symptoms including a high temperature. Some can find it impossible to sleep and receive a good night's sleep.


Most women will feel at times quite irritable during the menopausal period. And should expect to feel that way during the process.

Mood swings

As with PMS symptoms, most women will suffer from severe mood swings during the menopausal period.

Those are just some of the conditions you could possibly suffer in the process of menapause. Most women will be affected to such an extent that they will see a doctor to see if they can find appropriate treatment to minimize or remove some of the symptoms of menapause. There are some natural menapause remedies and treatments that will help the sufferer and some of these are listed below:

Red Clover Herbs

These herbs contain coumestrol which helps in the stimulation of the ovaries. These are specifically recommended by some alternative medical experts to decrease the growths and cysts in the ovaries that is often associated with the menopausal period.


Licorice is another stimulant which can help in the production of estrogen. Higher estrogen levels actually lower the effects of menopausal symptoms.

Black Cohosh

These help to prevent the menapause sufferer from getting cramps and hot flashes.

A popular treatment of menapause has been the use of progesterone cream. This cream replicates the naturally occurring hormone that helps the body correct hormonal progesterone imbalances. It's these imbalances which can cause the symptoms often associated with menapause. This cream is often used in conjunction with other natural treatments and remedies to reduce the effects of menapause. To get a better understanding and idea as to what natural remedies are currently on the market, jump online and do some research. You will find whole hosts of information that will help you discover more natural menapause remedies and treatment.

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